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What are the components of good instructional design?

LearnAbility is passionate about creating e-learning that delivers business results.  Effective e-learning doesn’t just look fantastic, it’s an enjoyable and positive experience for the learner and it achieves results.  That’s why developing the LearnAbility™ factor will make all the difference to the success of your e-learning programme.

Effective e-learning engages the learner with challenging and relevant work-based scenarios and examples,  immersing them in a journey of interactive discovery, with a flow and pace that brings about optimal learning, learning that people remember and apply in their work. Whether the goal of the e-learning is to build new skills, modify inappropriate behaviours or raise awareness, effective e-learning translates your business needs, quickly and concisely.

Has your e-learning got the LearnAbility™ factor?  If not, click here if you would like to sign up for an Instructional Design Workshop.