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Online skills and knowledge assessment is an important component of many learning and development strategies. Whether your ultimate goal is demonstrating compliance, assessing readiness for high profile classroom training/online learning, recognising talent or pin-pointing crucial gaps in workforce understanding, online assessment offers a convenient and rapidly deployable solution. 

If your assessment programme has got the LearnAbility™ factor then it will provide you with meaningful data, specific, accurate, easy to interpret data you can act upon to raise the level of performance in your organisation. 

Whether you are a large multi-national corporation with a dispersed workforce and mission critical assessments needs, or a small business looking for a cost effective method of measuring the skills and knowledge in your workforce LearnAbility™ can provide appropriate professional assessment authoring, delivery and reporting services – tools to help you achieve and maintain peak performance across your business.

Do your assessments have the LearnAbility™ factor? If not, find out how you can get it.