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Bespoke e-Learning programme development

Why bespoke?

Bespoke e-learningSpecific audiences with particular learning needs require unique e-learning solutions.  Such needs can’t be met with off the shelf e-learning and require the development of bespoke e-learning that addresses the business need and the needs of the learners.

By understanding your specific business needs LearnAbility™ can help you to create a programme your workforce can relate to while fully encompassing all of your learning requirements. So we will work closely with your key people to ensure we fully appreciate the key business issues the e-learning needs to solve, and the characteristics of your learners to enable us to produce an e-learning solution that works.

With a customised e-learning solution provided by LearnAbility™ your workforce will not see e-learning as a chore, in fact they will want to come back for more.

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